1.      The greatest badge in the business both in terms of history, and the sheer joy realized when you saw, arguably the greatest rally teams of all time use a galloping-happy-go-lucky elephant as their badge while they dominated their competitors, on their way to winning the WRC Manufacturers’ Cup, with the various evolutions of the Delta, 6 YEARS IN A ROW, in what could be considered the sport’s golden age.

         The origin of the HF elephant at this point can’t really be verified: it’s a reference to Hannibal’s elephants, it was co-opted from a driver who used it as his personal logo, its a reference to eastern mythology, Gianni Lancia picked it out for good luck. Who knows at this point. Well maybe you do, but that’s beside the point; when you think of it in company with the self serious uber-male prancing horses and charging bulls of other performance oriented Italian manufacturers, and that despite all of its quirks, and slightly gonzo reputation Lancia was still able to find the ultimate success literally tenfold, you can’t help but go ear to ear. So here’s to you Lancia and to that infinitely charming galloping elephant.

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